Black Dragon Teas is an exclusive distributor of fine loose leaf green oolong teas.
We specialize in quality Chinese high mountain tea originating from Taiwan and Taiwanese high mountain oolong cultivated in Thailand.

Black Dragon Teas
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200 gram (7.4 ounces) unvacuum-sealed packages SOLD OUT (vacuum sealed bags are still available)

Black Dragon Teas

Velvet Palate / Ruan Zhe Oolong Tea $20

This tea is a light, green variety of Oolong with a flavor reminiscent of artichokes and a clean floral finish. Its character is a cross between an unroasted taiwan oolong and a mainland China whole leaf green tea. It is simple and refreshing, with enough substance to brew a balanced flavor that can endure several infusions. Being a greener Oolong, it might be better brewed with water slightly under boiling temp, with an ample amount of leaves and a bit longer brewing time. When made just right, this tea yields that wonderful smooth viscous texture that carries a balanced boquet of flavor.

NOTE: The above tea selection is named according to the varieties or strains of tea plants from which it is produced, thus we have chosen to use the Chinese pinyin terms in conjunction with the loose English translations.

Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Teas
Dong Ding | Alishan | Shan Lin Xi


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