Black Dragon Teas is an exclusive distributor of fine loose leaf green oolong teas.
We specialize in quality Chinese high mountain tea originating from Taiwan and Taiwanese high mountain oolong cultivated in Thailand

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Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Oolong

150 g (5.24 oz) vacuum-sealed bags $35


Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Tea

Shan Lin Xi - which literally means "Fir Forest River" is perhaps the largest tea growing area for Taiwan High Mountain Tea. The geography and coinciding climate are ideal conditions for cultivating prime quality tea. It grows at an elevation of around 1,700 meters and experiences daily cycles of sun and fog with sufficient rainfall.

This selection was procured from the same award-winning tea maker as the Phoenix Mountain Dong Ding. It is an exemplary winter high mountain tea. It's texture has that classic viscosity, with a distinct root-vegetable character and pine wood undertones. Its taste is uncannily reminiscent of its place name - it conjures the environs of a high mountain river in a forest of fir trees. We again feel fortunate to offer the tea that put Taiwan on the map of world class tea.

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