Spring Tea Greetings finally!

It has been a tumultuous season of transitions and new horizons, which I am excited to tell you about… It is with mixed emotions that I announce the final (foreseeable) Black Dragon Teas Newsletter, but not without an evolution to proceed. As we meet the 15th spring of Black Dragon Teas' operation, an expanded and enlightened incarnation takes form – the inception of Eco-Cha. I, the sole-proprietor of BDT, am entering into partnership with a friend of more than 25 years. Cris expressed the idea some time ago, and my current enrollment in an MBA program here in Taiwan has brought about the manifestation of an evolving concept.

Black Dragon Teas is being transformed into a new identity with the same basic function and a slightly different style. Namely, Eco-Cha is bringing sustainable practices into its role as a tea seller and a wholesale customer of tea growers in Taiwan. This means that it will source more environmentally-friendly grown tea that represents a new trend in Taiwan and beyond while embodying business practices that only make good sense in our times.

Within the next few weeks, we will be sending you the first Eco-Cha newsletter with a link to our website that will present our initial line of teas to offer. We are very excited about this development and the opportunity it brings to implement and promote responsible business practice in the world of tea.

We look forward to your response to this transition, and any questions you may have about it.

As always in tea,

Andy Kincart

Cris Mitchell


Black Dragon Teas