Black Dragon Teas
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Black Dragon Teas

Black Dragon Teas is an exclusive purveyor of fine Chinese oolong teas.
Initially established in Taiwan as Deer Valley Tea, we are primarily interested in providing types of oolong that Taiwan is renowned for. In recent years, the cultivation and processing methods developed in Taiwan have been spreading to southeast Asia and mainland China. Consequently, Taiwan oolong tea is produced in a wider range of qualities and costs.

Black Dragon Teas is dedicated to seeking out oolong tea growers throughout Asia to provide a selection of teas with varying character while remaining loyal to what we feel is some of the finest tea on the planet. Please refer to Deer Valley Tea for a more detailed description on the classification of Taiwan oolong tea. We invite you to browse through Selections for specific descriptions of each type of tea that we currently stock.

Depending on the climate that tea grows in, it can be harvested between 3 and 6 times a year. Each crop is influenced by a variety of factors. Weather during the growing season is perhaps foremost in determining the yield. Each step in processing the tea leaves has its own effect on the outcome, and it is the mastery of this complex process that will bring out the highest potential of each crop. Over the years, we've come to realize that each batch of tea that we sample has its own character and quality. Given this, we strive to maintain a consistent standard of quality while enjoying the subtle differences that come with each season.

We are always interested in receiving any questions or comments you have to share regarding the wide world of tea. Thank you for visiting us.

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