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Anyone can make a cup of tea. However, more refined skills are required to learn the art of brewing tea.
Learning to drink tea with a critical appreciation of its taste and quality is one of life's pleasures, and can be considered an artistic pursuit. Every step has its own rationale, however, not all of the steps are fixed or standard.

A few important factors to consider in producing a good brew:

1. Amount of tea leaves to be used:

If the leaves appear to be tightly rolled, fewer leaves are required. Conversely, if they are loose, more should be used. In general, a small teapot should be filled to 1/4 capacity with dry leaves.

2. Water temperature:

The temperature of the water depends on the kind of tea. For oxidized tea, and aged tea that has undergone repeated baking, the water should be 90-100 'C. For lightly oxidized tea, and tea leaves that are small or crumbled, 80-90 'C is suitable. Green tea should be brewed with about 80 'C water.

3. Brewing time:

The most important factor for determining the concentration of the tea and the number of brews is the brewing time. The first brew should be no more than 50 seconds. For each successive brew, add 10-15 seconds.

For more detailed, step-by-step instructions on brewing click here

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