(Black Dragon Teas is an exclusive distributor of fine loose leaf green oolong teas.
We specialize in quality Chinese high mountain tea originating from Taiwan and Taiwanese high mountain oolong cultivated in Thailand

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150 gram (5.25 ounces) vacuum-sealed packages.

Black Dragon Teas

Alishan High Mountain Oolong $35


Alishan High Mountain Tea

Taiwan high mountain tea that grows in the vicinity of Alishan- in ChiaYi County, is known for its delicate, subtle qualities of a "buttery" flavor and texture. This tea garden is the highest house on the hill (1,500 m), at the top of a steep valley terraced with tea. This area has drastically increased in popularity in the last few years. We are proud to be a consistent buyer and seller from the same source for over a decade.

This winter's produce lives up to the reputation that our Alishan tea has gained us. This farmer learned early on that a little extra oxidation of the leaves goes a long way in producing a full flavored, well balanced high mountain tea. It has a fresh floral boquet and smooth viscous texture that sets it apart from its oolong relatives to the north in Nantou County. Get some while it lasts!


Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Teas
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